Film Friday : Instant Photography & Joy

I think anyone who has ever picked up a camera and started exploring with it can understand the pure and simple joy of making images.  Not having to worry about a concept, or a portfolio, or even the perfect exposure, but just taking a photograph for the photograph’s sake.

That’s the way I still feel when I pick up an instant film camera.  Most of them have very limited controls – if any – and sometimes unpredictable results.  It’s no longer about trying to make the perfect picture or spending hours at the computer editing.  You have in your hands in seconds this wonderfully tangible little print.  What you get is what you get, and because of that everything is exciting and everything is worth shooting!

I was really reminded of how joyful instant photography can be yesterday when I went to go grab some film for my Polaroid ProPack camera.  I tried some film I never had before and fell in love.  I shot half the pack of film before I even got home!  You can see the pictures I took below, as well as some information about instant film photography in general.


Here’s my current collection of instant cameras.  Some old, some new, but all awesome.

 This is the ProPack and film to go with it, in this case Fujifulm FP-3000B

It uses peel-apart film, where the print and negative are pulled out of the camera together and then peeled apart after the proper time to develop.

Here’s the negative and print side by side.

And now for the photos from yesterday!


I’m off to shoot the rest!  If you’re interested in instant film photography be sure to check out the great films made by FujiFilm and the Impossible Project.






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